Conventional merchants may not feel comfortable using
software or an online solution to process credit card sales and may prefer classic solutions like a credit card terminal. That's why USA ePay also supports IP-Based terminals linked to the gateway.


IP versus Dial-Up Terminals ...
One the greatest advances in Terminals over the past few years has been the ability to process via IP versus Dial-Up. In the past modems were able to go up to speeds of 56K which meant that transactions typically took about 20-30 seconds to process. With IP connections, transaction time is cut down to 3-5 seconds per transaction.

You may already have an IP connection! Most merchants don't realize that all they need for an IP connection is a hi-speed internet connection like DSL or Cable. The same connection that allows all your computers (desktops or laptops) to connect to the internet, is the connection which allows you to process transactions through your IP terminal. This also eliminates the need for an additional telephone line to process transactions. In a time when computers and the internet are faster than ever shouldn't your credit card terminal go at the same speed?

Why Use a Gateway for Retail ...
The ability to use conventional terminals along with a gateway backend has a lot more benefits than just speed. With all the retail transactions being passing through the USA ePay payment gateway, merchants can view detailed reports, as well as graphs and charts of all transactions for the life of the account in the online Merchant Console. Merchants can also email, download and export their transaction reports. Whether the merchant needs to import their transactions into Quicken, or generate a report of all sales with or without tax for the year, week or day, they can with the payment gateway. These are all features and benefits that a merchant would and could not find in a typical, stand-alone machine.


Ethernet, Wifi or GSM/GPRS (3G)...
An IP connection can be established in many different ways just like on a computer. The same technology is incorporated in the credit card machines today. IP terminals can use either a basic Ethernet [RJ45] or wireless [WiFi] internet connection through your local wireless service provider. The possibilities are endless and very flexible for any type of merchant looking to process through an advanced yet simple solution.


Multiple Machines, One Gateway Account
Since the IP terminal is connecting to the USA ePay gateway in the backend, the machines can utilize the "multi-source key" technology already built into the gateway. Just like an eCommerce merchant can have multiple websites connected to just one gateway account, the retail merchant can have multiple machines connected to just one gateway as well. The USA ePay gateway has all the features already built into its system to differentiate what transaction came from what machine and automatically generates easy-to-read reports and graphs for the merchant to use.

All transactions being processed through the IP terminals are 100% secure. When the terminal sends out the transactions to the USA ePay gateway it passes all the data through a secure socket layer (SSL) which ensures that all data is properly encrypted and that it can not be compromised. The terminal itself never stores any credit card data; all data is stored securely on the gateway. The terminal is also "source enabled" so if the terminal is ever lost or falls into the wrong hands, the terminal can be revoked or rebuilt on the gateway level.


White Papers and Brochures

Click on the PDF icon to the left to view the basic marketing slip for the USA ePay/Exadigm IP-Terminal.  If you are a reseller and need to customize this PDF file for your office please contact your USA ePay sales representative.

Click on the PDF icon to the left to view the official marketing slip for the XD2000 Exadigm IP-Terminal. The XD2000 model supports multiple connection methods and works directly with the gateway.


More Information ...
Need more information about IP terminals or ready to start using them with the USA ePay gateway? Feel free to contact one of our trusted resellers or contact us if you're a merchant service bank or provider to become a reseller of this product and offer it to your merchants.


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