The Customer Billing Database allows merchants to
store their customer's billing data safely and securely on the USA ePay gateway. Merchants can edit, delete or setup charges for customers with an easy-to-use interface or through the API.


Multiple Payment Methods...
Customers these days usually carry multiple payment methods they use to pay for products and bills; this is why the Customer Billing Database allows the merchant to have multiple payment methods on file for every customer. The database will allow multiple cards as well as checking accounts to be stored for a single customer and lets the merchant setup a "default" payment method as well as "automatic backup" in case the default is declined or results in an error.
By storing multiple payment methods, the Customer Billing Database allows merchants to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they will always being able to get their payments on time without having to hassle their customers or repeatedly enter billing information.
We Store It, We Secure It...
USA ePay is proud to be a Level-1 PCI compliant gateway and with that certification we can securely store sensitive information - such as credit card numbers. The Customer Billing Database also falls under our PCI compliance since it is built into the gateway interface.

Many merchants may still be using older software to store customer's credit card data locally on their machine or in non-secure databases. The Customer Billing Database system provided by USA ePay allows merchants to easily upload their existing customers into our secure system without having to worry about paying high PCI dues for staying with older, out-of-date software or systems. Since the data is stored on the gateway, the merchant can also rest assured that our redundant systems will never lose their data and that it can be accessed through any computer with an internet connection.

Easy to Use & Advanced Interface...
The Customer Billing Database has one of the most friendly and easy-to-use user interfaces but also kicks it up by having some advanced features available to merchants.

Left: List View with Customization Window.  Right: Business Card View.

Features of the Interface
There are many features to the Customer Billing Database and from the smallest to the largest, they all make up the easy-to-use yet advanced interface:

  • Multiple Payment Methods for Customers
  • Customizable Views with "Save Your Own" Views
  • Easy Search & Sort
  • Customer Categories
  • Calendar with Billing Reminders
  • Detailed Billing History
  • Bulk Edit or Import Customers
  • and more...

API Accessible
USA ePay understands that not every company is looking to use our console to control their customer's billing information, and this is why all the functions of the Customer Billing Database can be accessed from the API. Merchants can still store their customers and their customers' sensitive billing information in the database, but can edit, delete, charge or add customers into the database from outside the USA ePay console and perform all of these functions in their own program or interface.

More Information ...
Need more information about the Customer Billing System or ready to start using it? Feel free to contact one of our trusted resellers or contact us if you're a merchant service bank or provider to become a reseller of this product and offer it to your merchants.


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