No matter what language or platform you program in  USA ePay has the proper tools to allow you to work with the gateway. We are proud to support and guide any and all programmers working or wanting to work with USA ePay.


Developer's Library
The Developer's Library provides a broad range of toolkits, documentation and APIs, from Active X Controls, XML SOAP  to PHP, the library is the first stop for any developer in getting integrated with USA ePay...   »

3rd Party Developer Applications
View a list of useful 3rd party applications and developer's tools that were created by other developers or 3rd party companies to work with the USA ePay gateway... »

Wiki-Knowledge Base
The USA ePay Wiki-Knowledge Base is your complete source for anything related to the gateway. The Wiki contains manuals, tutorials, examples and demos for not just the developer but for merchants and resellers as well...  »

Registered Carts & eStores
USA ePay is compatible with multiple shopping carts and eStores out on the internet. Even though we can not keep track of all  these tools we do have a registered cart and eStore list available...   »

Sign Up for USA ePay
Ready to start using USA ePay? It's easy to get signed up for a USA ePay gateway account through one of our trusted resellers. Our resellers will guide you through the sign up process and make sure you are properly setup for your company's needs...  »


    • Cart Tutorials
      Carts that have given us examples to sample and documents for support.
    • Transaction Gateway API
      Main transaction API that all of the language-based API's are based on.
    • "ePay"ment Form
      Taking single or recurring payments has never been easier with the Payment Form.


vTerminal Flash Demo
Sit Back and Watch
the flash demo of the Merchant Console vTerminal »

Guides & Manuals
Help and Documentation
on all of the available USA ePay products; free to download »

Images & Logos
For Press and Websites
USA ePay logos and images can be downloaded directly »