ePay Charge turns your computer into a credit card
machine. This simple piece of software has all the functionality of a point-of-sale system without the cost. Built to work on any operating system, the ePay Charge software is easy to download and easy to use.


Your Computer is a Credit Card Machine ...
The need for expensive, bulky credit card machines is gone. In the past, when computers were still high-priced items, merchants were left with no choice but to use credit card machines when looking for a credit card processing solution. The evolution of the internet in business environments and the home, as well as the significant drop in the cost of the desktop and laptop computers, makes it clear that it is truly cost-effective and efficient for the merchant to use their existing computer to process credit cards.

Why Use a Gateway for Retail Processing ...
The ability to use your existing computer (destop or laptop), is only one of the many benefits that retail merchants experience when on the ePay Charge program. With all the retail transactions being passing through the USA ePay payment gateway, merchants can view detailed reports, as well as graphs and charts of all transactions for the life of the account. Merchants can also email, download and export their transaction reports. Whether the merchant needs to import their transactions into Quicken, or generate a report of all sales with or without tax for the year, week, or day, they can with the payment gateway. These are all features and benefits that retail merchants would and could not find in a typical, stand-alone, credit card machine.

USB Card Reader...
The ePay Charge software allows merchants to attach a USB Magnetic Stripe Reader to their computer and start accepting retail/swiped transactions without any difficult setup. Most "Keyboard-Emulated" or "Human Interface" magnetic stripe readers will work with the software.

If the merchant doesn't want to spend the extra money to buy a magnetic stripe reader, they can still use the software and key transactions in manually.


Thermal Printer or Your Own...
The software is automatically set to work with most basic desktop printers, through which it can print multiple receipts on one standard sheet of paper. The software is also designed to work with a certified and tested line of USB Thermal Printers.

For a list of supported printers and magnetic stripe readers, please contact your sales representative.

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Easy-to-Use Interface
The ePay Charge software was written with ease-of-use in mind. The simple-select toolbar, clean interface and basic feel allow merchants to quickly and easily process any type of transaction without problems. Although the software appears simple, it is capable of performing and supporting multiple features such as:


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  • Multi-User Support
  • Different User Permission Restrictions
  • Multi-Merchant Account Support
  • Quick Void
  • Quick Reprint
  • Quick Reference Reporting
  • eCheck Support
  • and more...

Speed and Reliability
Most credit card machines still use dial-up for processing which can take up to 30 seconds to process a single transaction. Using ePay Charge software with a DSL/Cable connection cuts the time down to 2-3 seconds per transaction. When a machine crashes, the merchant is left with no solution to process cards until a new machine arrives, but with the ePay Charge software all the merchant needs to do is reload the software onto another computer and they can resume processing immediately.

All transactions being processed through the ePay Charge software are 100% secure. When the software sends the transactions from the computer to the USA ePay gateway, it passes all the data through a secure socket layer (SSL) which ensure that all data is properly encrypted and that it can not be compromised. The software itself never stores any credit card data; all data is stored securely on the gateway. The software is also password protected and "install key validated" so if the computer is ever misplaced, falls into the wrong hands or is replaced, the software can be "revoked" at the gateway level and no one can use it.

System Requirements
The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to run the ePay Charge software. Most machines have this pre-installed, but if your machine does not have it installed you can download it for free on the Java website.

Your machine(s) must also run Windows 98 or higher; Mac OS X or higher. Any internet connection is required, but DSL/Cable is recommended.

Download the Software
Downloading the software is quick and simple. Once downloaded, Windows users run the ePayCharge.exe file while Mac, Unix, Linux... users need to unzip the ePayCharge.zip file and then just run the .jar file. Please select your download below. Upgrading your existing version is free. The new software will over-write your current copy.

Mac OS X 10.7+ (v3.0.0) View in Mac App Store
Windows XP and higher, 32bit and 64bit (v3.0.11) Click Here to Download
Linux, Unix, Other - Java (v2.5.1) Click Here to Download
Windows 95, 98, 2000 (v2.5.1) Click Here to Download
After downloading the software you will need a valid Installation Key to activate it and use it properly. Please contact your sales representative to obtain a key.


Click on the PDF icon to the left to view the basic marketing slip for the ePay Charge software.  If you are a reseller and need to customize this PDF file for your office please contact your USA ePay sales representative.


More Information ...
Need more information about the ePay Charge or ready to start using ePay Charge? Feel free to contact one of our trusted resellers or contact us if you're a merchant service bank or provider to become a reseller of this product and offer it to your merchants.


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