Whether your business is running in a Retail, MOTO,  eCommerce or Wireless environment USA ePay has multiple payment solutions which can help any type of business process transactions quickly, safely and securely.


Payment Process Diagram
The payment process diagram will give you a better understanding of the steps involved in processing a transaction. The diagram also displays all entities involved in the processing and transferring of funds...   »

Merchant Console Virtual Terminal
The merchant console does everything a credit card machine can do for your business, including process sales, credits and voids, but it also includes such features as Recurring Billing, Batch Uploading and Custom Reporting...   »

"ePay"ment Form
A free secure payment form hosted on USA ePay's secure servers allows merchants to accept payments through their site with a simple click of a button. Payment forms also support recurring billing, eChecks, and more...  »

Customer Billing Database
Merchant can keep a complete list of their customers in the secure USA ePay Customer Billing Database. Multiple billing methods, including checks, can be stored for every customer, and merchants can access, charge, edit and delete customers as they please...  »

Fraud Center
A feature that comes standard with every USA ePay account, the Fraud Center is a unique tool that protects your business from fraudulent transactions. It's easy to use, yet one of the most advanced fraud preventions on the web...  »

Retail ePay Solutions
USA ePay is a "Retail Certified" gateway which allows us to offer retail/swipe transaction processing and solutions. Retail ePay includes technology for wireless retail (Wireless ePay), POS Software (ePay Charge) and Retail IP Terminals...   »

Developer's Center
Whether it's a shopping cart, payment form or POS system the USA ePay Developer's Center has everything needed to easily integrate with our payment solutions. Any language including PHP, ASP, XML, Java & .NET supported...  »




vTerminal Flash Demo
Sit Back and Watch
the flash demo of the Merchant Console vTerminal »

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