Regardless of your programming knowledge, USA ePay 
is committed to bringing you the very best customer support. From our exclusive wiki-knowledge base and developer guides and manuals, to email support tickets and live telephone customer service representatives, we're here to help.


Open a Support Ticket
Have a problem or a question and don't want to spend any time on the phone? It's easy to ask us via our Support Ticket System. Responses are quick and fully documented. This is the best method to submit a question to our support team...   »

Check Support Ticket Status
If you have already submitted a support ticket, you can check the status of it online at any time. Ticket status is updated by a live representative and has the answers to your support questions...   »

Support Numbers
Calling USA ePay for support is fast, simple and free. Live representatives are always happy to assist you with your questions and concerns regarding your USA ePay account. We recommend you look through our wiki-knowledge base before calling our reps...  »

Wiki-Knowledge Base
The USA ePay Wiki-Knowledge Base is your complete source for anything related to the gateway. The Wiki contains manuals, tutorials, examples and demos not just for developers, but for merchants and resellers as well...    »

Guides and Manuals
Available to merchants, developers and resellers are hard copy versions of documentation for all products related to USA ePay. Console manuals, software guides and error code documents are all available for viewing and download in this section of the Wiki ...  »



vTerminal Flash Demo
Sit Back and Watch
the flash demo of the Merchant Console vTerminal »

Guides & Manuals
Help and Documentation
on all of the available USA ePay products; free to download »

Images & Logos
For Press and Websites
USA ePay logos and images can be downloaded directly »